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Here are some of the Cds Mixed by DJ Master Sacchi. You can listen to them by left clicking on your mouse.  You can also save the entire CD on your computer by right-clicking your mouse and choose "save target" and save it in a specific folder on your computer. You can then put it on your Ipod or burn a CD. Free copies of the CDs (with track marks) will be available at the next party, just ask DJ Master Sacchi, but hurry supply is limited. Please write to DJ Master Sacchi with any comments or questions at

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Another great party mix by DJ Master Sacchi that lit up the
dance floor at the New Years party at Barolo. We like to
thank all of you who were there, share this music with your
friends as a memory of a great night of dancing, celebration
and fun!!! Special Live MC by our friend Jaro!!!!!


DJ Master Sacchi lit up the dance floor with this live set
performed at Affaire for his birthday party on Friday
September 30th, 2011!!! A true, super energized mix that
will certainly get your party going or make your workout
a better and more fun experience!!! Thanks to all of you
who were there that night, we had a blast!
Here it is, the DJ set performed by DJ Master Sacchi at
the Bustamove Nyc New Years 2011 party at Barolo!!!
This is a live set recorded between 12:30 AM and 2 AM!!!
Its a 1 hour and 20 minute super energized set. Just put it
on and re-live once again that magical night!!! I hope you'll
enjoy it. Ciao, Luca
#53 is a classic, high energy house mix, blending new and not
so new hits like "Man With The Red Face" by Mark
,"2 Million Ways" by C-Mos remixed by Axwell
and "Devotion" by Bingo Players. As in many other mixes
the cd starts on the electronic/deep side and gradually picks
it up with exciting remixes of classics like "Billie Jean" and
"I Feel Love". Things get really hot towards the end with
"Let The Bass Kick in Miami Beach" By Chuckie and
LMFAO and Bob Sinclar's "New New New". Enjoy!!!
This is one of DJ Master Sacchi's best mixed CDs. A true
high-energy house mix!!! It starts off with Bob Sinclar's
"Tribute" and rocks it self into great house songs like
"All Night Long" by Agent Stereo and house remixes of
classic songs like "Another One Bites The Dust" and "Beat
". The energy levels picks with David Guetta's Rmx of
Balck Eyed Peas's hit "Boom Boom Pow" masterfully mixed
into "I Gotta Feeling". This mix does not ease up as the
energy stays high and gets harder with songs like "Flauta
" by Mark Knight and Armand Van Helden Rmx
of classic house song "Witch Doctor". If you are going to
a party don't leave home without #51!!!!!
In # 50 DJ Master Sacchi goes back to mixing Vocal House
into fast beat hip-hop and Latin hits to produce a true high
energy party mix. The CD goes from Master Sacchi's
favorites like Bossa Rocker and Fuerza to new hits like
Come On By Javi Mula and Superstar Feat. Tom Novi
vs Eniac. The mix flows into Bob Sinclar Summer Hit Lala
Song to take a more R&B and funky feel. At this point its
a Hit Parade with Florida's Smash Hits Right Round &
Low, Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow and Pitbull's
I Know You Want Me & The Anthem. Things don't stop
her and great beats keep coming one after the other!!!!
Here we go with another dance-floor buster that starts off a
little softer to give you a chance to get settled in. We start off
with funky house remixes of Sweet Child Of Mine, Tiny
and Finally by Kings of Tomorrow. Things begin
to pick up with Teardrops By Whelan & Di Scala, and
It Does Not Matter by Jay C & Oliver Lang.
Later on the Mix gets in full gear with remixes of
Love Sensation
by Loleatta Holloway and Don't
Stop the Music
by Rihanna. Other  featured tracks
include Watch Out by Alex Gaudino and
Gonna Get Ya by Houzecrushers
. By the way,
sorry for the slight train wreck in the mix that follows Love Sensation...It happens when you are playing records!!!!
If you are going to a party and want to make sure to light the
place up, bring #44 with you!! This mix will keep the dance
floor jumping for 80 minutes straight. It starts off with Bob
recent hit Together followed by Roger Sanchez' Not
Enough and then gets into some serious house tunes. Features
songs include Hi_Tack remixes of David Bowie's Let's Dance
and Loleatta Holloway's Love Sensation, Eric Prydz' Call on Me as
well as Louis Botella's Remix of SE:SA's Like This Like That.
We end very strong with peak time house remixes of
New Order's Blue Monday
, The Rhythm of The Night
and Boogie Wonderland!!
#42 is another dance floor favorite that gently eases you into
some classic house music peak hour hits. This cd includes all
time favorites like Everybody Movin and Sound of Freedom
by Bob Sinclar, Rise Up by Yves Larock and Proper
by Eric Prydz. Also in the mix are some of DJ
Master Sacchi's favorites like a super energized remix of
What's On Your Mind by Feel Good Factor and Wawa's
remix of Hillary Duff's Stranger. How about a house remix
of Ghost Busters!! You need to check this one out.
DJ Master Sacchi's latest and yet to be released mixed cd, is a
true masterpiece starting off on the funky side with great tracks
like a remix of Eric Prydz' Proper Education and Santana's Black
Magic Woman
. Things pick up some speed with Boogie 2Nite by
Booty Luv and The Things you Say by Cicada and then we are
really getting into some hot dance-floor-busters like Ultimate
and Everybody Movin by Bob Sinclar, Touch me by
Houzecrashers, Deeper Love by Eddie Thoneick and Seamus Haji
remix of all time classic Last Night a DJ Saved My Life. We end
in great style: Destination Calabria by Alex Gaudino!!!!
This is a true high-energy, house mix. It starts off with one
of my favorites, Fuerza by Big World and also a great remix
of the classic Plastic Dreams by Jaydee. The mix quickly picks up
the pace with Turn me On by Dirty Old Ann and a super-energized
remix of Pappa Don't Preach by Madonna and other great remixes
of classic 80s and 90s songs as well as Sexy 'N' Sick, DJ Sabo's
remix of Justin Timberlake Sexy Back. The mix just keeps on
getting hotter and hotter with remixes of dance floor busters
like I don't Feel Like Dancing by the Scissor Sisters and You
Should be Dancing
of the Bee Gees. Basically, fasten your seat
belts and enjoy this high-speed ride.
This CD starts off with some hard core rap to include Touch It by
Busta Rhymes and Get Up On It by Bone Crusher. The mix
softens up with classics like I Need A Girl by P Diddy and Family
Affair by M.J. Blige only to slip into some serious 80s hits like
Freedom by George Michael, Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood,
Vougue by Madonna and Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order.
Then back to the present with Control Myself by LL Cool J Feat.
Jenifer Lopez, Temperature by Sean Paul and the world summer
hit by Bob Sinclar, World Hold On. Really crazy stuff, a roller
coaster that always keeps you on your toes.
CD #34 is an upbeat House Music Mix. The CD starts off with a
few deep tracks and then picks it up with hits like Voices by Funky
Junction vs. KC Flightt and V Gets Jazzy by Little Louie Vega.
Then we get into some serious Latin House with Supra Sumo by
S.U.M.O., Cada Vez by Negrocan and Bakiri Ban by Havana Funk.
The Mix eases into some hot club and disco house tracks like
When The Lights Go Down In Your Town by Armand Van Helden,
Big Love by Peter Heller and a great remix of One Thing by
Amerie. Things don't let up as the last few tracks include No Sex
by David Vendetta and Love Generation by Bob Sinclar.
DJ Master Sacchi calls #33 one of its best creations for creativity,
mixes and song selection. This house music mix starts off on the
funky side with Sambafrica by DJ Sabo and then gets deep with
several great tracks to include Drifting Mind by Tony Thomas,
Spirited Away by Tiger Stripes and Chrome by Alan Barrat. The
Mix picks up the pace with It's Yours by Jon Cutler and Lola's
Theme by Shapeshifters and just keeps on going with a remix
of Sorry by Madonna, Don't Give Hate a Chance by Jamiroquai
and Let The Sunshine Through by Richard F. All together a true
masterpiece, soft enough to enjoy over a drink or two, but with
enough spice to get your feet moving on the dance floor.